Let your dogs stay away while you work, rest and play


Included in this page are the dogs that regularly board here or are walked on a daily basis while their owners are at work. I like to write a short piece about their personality and their funny and cute ways with some photographs of each of them, either on their walk, playing or just “being” at home.

ECHO and KODA (13 year old Corman Shepherd and 10 year old Terrier)

Echo and Koda
I walk Echo and Koda on a daily basis and occasionally have them to stay here. What characters! Echo does things in his own time and mainly on his terms and Koda is mindful of just about everything that is going on. He doesn’t miss a trick and is very alert of his surroundings, letting the world know that the postman is here or there is a delivery in the neighbourhood. When the crops are high, Echo spends most of his time hiding amongst them thinking that I can’t see where he is, but the rustle of the crops gives it away every time!! It’s a great game to him.

ROXIE ( year old Labrador)

Roxie Labrador

Now this young lady is absolutely full of beans. There are only two buttons, GO and GO FASTER. She has the sweetest nature and loves a head massage which sends her into la la land. Walks with her are energetic and a lot of fun and she is certainly excellent on her recall. She adores my Rosie and snuggles up with her in her bed.

BERTIE ( year old Golden Retriever)


Bertie is the very first dog to board here. What a character! Putting him and Roxie (above) together is hilarious. They are full-on 100% athletic machines! Bertie likes to “dog chat” to me in the morning while waiting for his breakfast to be put down. He is extremely polite and waits until I tell him “ok” before eating his food. He chooses the moment I get the brush out to leg it around the garden at 100mph thinking it’s playtime and then lay on his back while I try to brush him. He is a true gentleman and is fixated on the television when there is a vet programme or other animal documentary on!

POPPY and JESS ( year old Springer Spaniels respectively, mother and daughter)

I could go on for miles and miles with these two, come home, rest for a moment and then go for miles and miles again! They never tire. And they make walking their full-time job, keeping the wildlife in check and generally surveying the land! They love to roll in the puddles and mud and, fortunately, when they are returned home, they have the luxury of a dog shower in their garage to get them clean again. They usually come here as day boarders whilst their owners are out at work and occasional sleep-overs when their owners are working away. Bags and bags of fun.

LEILA and ZELDA (14 year old Labrador and year old Cocker Spaniel)

I met these two on a walk on the Minster Way. Zelda is a very active dog and is constantly in the hedgerow looking for anything she can chase. The only problem is that the wildlife that she prefers are birds and she yet has to discover that she actually can’t fly as well!!! Her recall is excellent and she is a very giving dog who is much fun. Leila is her partner at their own home who is now an elderly lady and enjoys her strolls separately, stopping at every blade of grass to see whether there may be food. She is the sweetest natured dog and it is a pleasure having her here.

BARGAIN and TRUTHFUL (12 year old beagles)

Bargain and Truthful are from a hunting pack of Beagles and are now retired and living their days with their owner in North Yorkshire. They are very affectionate and both have beautiful temperaments. They have to be walked on a long lead as when they get the scent of something interesting, they’re off! They have unbelievable energy for 11 year olds and are fit and athletic and could go on for miles and miles. They are used to being part of a pack and are very accommodating with dogs that they don’t know.

MARLEY ( year old Cocker Spaniel)

Marley is another resident that cannot go off the lead as he is far too curious as to what is going on in another field. His manners are impeccable and he never has to be asked twice to do something. He likes his own cage with his bed in and this is where he sleeps at night. He loves being brushed and looks very dapper when I’ve finished, although it doesn’t last very long when we go out as, even though he is on a long line, he manages to find as much mud as possible. A fun dog to have here.

HORATIO (8 year old Bloodhound)

Horatio is the most gentle bloodhound. As with most bloodhounds he likes to take his time with everything apart from food of course. He is a giant softy and when there is nothing much going on, his favourite place is either his bed or stretched out across the doorway! Even though I politely utter “can I just get past please” it falls on deaf ears and I have to step over his rather large frame! Bloodhounds are a “nose on legs” so I have to walk him separately from any other dogs so that I have all my attention on him should he pick up a scent. Fortunately I have owned many bloodhounds so am wise to their traits but they never cease to add to my knowledge.

“STOP PRESS”…. He moved! He actually moved!! There’s progress 🙂

TEDDY ( year old )

Teddy is a character and a half. He bounces along always by my side and really loves his walks and being rewarded for being such a good boy. He enjoys home comforts and likes nothing more than to sit on my lap while I’m relaxing and watching the television. Whenever an advert comes on that has a dog barking he sits in front of the TV watching every move! He is just so cute.